About us

R&D Ltd. is a starting company established in 2007 and performs development and applied scientific activities in the field of phyto- chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetic.

R&D Ltd. is one of the companies in Bulgaria, which is established from skilled phyto- chemists. It offers to its clients rational innovative technical decisions in the field of phyto-chemical technologies extraction. The technical decisions are considered with client's production capacities and with the regulatory requirements in this field. The innovative technical decisions have an aim to provide a high yield and purity of the products as well ecological and low power supply of the processes.


The company has an experience in developing of technologies for manufacturing of herb extracts and technologies for manufacturing of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products containing herb extracts and others phyto-derivates.


The company has also an experience in taking part of projects for financing of such developments from the Innovative fund and EU structural funds as well in management of such projects.


In our team are involved specialists with high creative energy, who are working under the direction of phyto-chemists with many years experience from the science and mostly from the practice of extraction processes and in particular those, which are connected with obtaining of valuable biological active substances from different medicinal plants.


Our specialists have been worked and still work in national and international research and development projects. They are also authors of scientific articles and patents.


Our teams are in close cooperation with the specialists from Bulgarian and international laboratories, which are working in the field of phyto-chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetic.   


Our developments have an aim to:

-   allow the biological active substances from medicinal plants that are wished to be maximum obtained;

-   to provide a cheap and short technological process;

-   to provide an ecological process;

-   to guarantee a product with the quality and purity wished.